Lower costs for your employees and plan

The employee benefit that saves everyone money.

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Lower costs for your employees and plan

The employee benefit that saves everyone money.

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How it works

Connect to your claims and keep the rest the same.

No need to break up with your TPA or benefits. Slingshot analyzes claims post adjudication.

Slingshot handles it.

Slingshot case managers proactively work with providers to get errors corrected & financial assistance applied.

Alert employees only when savings is found for them.

Employees are alerted when they qualify for financial assistance for a current bill or if there is a check in the mail for them.

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The Benefits of Slingshot

Every Claim Analyzed

No claim or line item is too small. Our software uses AI to find savings for your employees and the plan.

Proactive Patient Advocacy

When we find errors we act on it! Our patient advocates work with providers to get billing errors corrected.

Auto Apply to Financial Aid

We apply members who qualify to financial assistance at non profit hospitals when they go.

Follow Up Care Navigation

Personalized to the member, when a claim indicates follow up care is likely, we suggest quality but cheaper providers for the follow up.


Use Slingshot's dashboard to view aggregated, de identified statistics on savings for the plan, members, utilization, and common errors.

Guaranteed ROI

We charge a PEPM, and guarantee that Slingshot will save you and your members at least that annual cost or we will reimburse the difference.

What could you be saving?

You evaluate performance for every other aspect of your business, why not your health plan too?

Estimate savings

Use Slingshot's estimator tool to calculate your return on investment with Slingshot.

An image of a dashboard with a graph indicating savings.

Get an audit

Easy integration. Upload claims, any format, with secure file transfer (sftp)

Slingshot reviews claims up to a year old for errors and overpayments

Slingshot recoups savings for the plan

When available, Slingshot offers to retroactively apply members to financial assistance

Slingshot provided health plan performance report

Guaranteed return on investment

Add Slingshot to your benefits

Easy integration. Put us in contact with your TPA and provide a member enrollment list. That's it.

Slingshot continuously monitors claims for errors and overpayments and recoups those savings for members and the plan.

When available, Slingshot applies members to financial assistance

Slingshot helps direct employees to providers that provide quality care at a fair price

Admin dashboard and reporting to analyze health spending

Guaranteed return on investment

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