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Reduce your medical bills.

Slingshot connects to your insurance and monitors your medical claims for errors and potential savings. Slingshot only alerts you when it's found savings and only costs if you save money.

Why Slingshot


of healthcare spend goes to fraud, waste, and abuse.


saved on average for claims we handle.


return on investment guaranteed. We don't make money unless we save you money.

A patient centered solution

They are now my first stop to make sure I'm getting a fair price.

After a bike wreck, I had to get a few stitches. On top of the concussion I was dealing with, I got a $443 bill in the mail. Slingshot helped me reduce this bill to $240 with minimal input needed from me.


Campaign Manager

Faster than it would have taken me to pay the bill itself!

I was on my way to pay a shockingly high bill when I thought of Slingshot. Within one day of working with Slingshot, my medical bill had been completely waived.


Product Manager

Transparent and professional.

Software Engineer

I was shocked when my 15 minute telehealth call with no final diagnosis turned out to be almost $500! I was frustrated that no one had mentioned to me the cost up front. Not only did Slingshot reduce my bill by 30%, they were empathetic and transparent and super professional.


From our users

Our Mission: Lower healthcare costs for everyone

Healthcare costs have doubled in the past two decades. A complicated system has made it difficult to understand if you are being charged fairly, know and apply to financial assistance, and compare doctors for quality and cost. Slingshot's uses artificial intelligence to review your insurance claims to help you navigate the world of medical billing, so you can get the care you need without breaking the bank.

Our Solution

What it means for...

- Set up in 5 minutes
- Understand what you are being charged for
- Know that you are paying a fair price
- Pay the lowest price possible
- Easy integration
- Time given back to HR persons
- Healthier employees
- Money saved for employees
- Money saved for self funded or level funded plan
- Easy integration
- Time given back to clients
- Healthier members
- Money saved for members
- Money saved for clients
- Unique benefits offering

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